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Do you work or know anyone who works in Primary Care?

14 August 17

Paramedic Finders is recruiting and we need your help


In an ideal world we would all be doing our dream jobs, doing the number of hours that suit and earning enough to live the lives we wanted as kids; whether that means spending more time with the family, less time with the family, a better house/car/caravan/yacht/holiday home/ you get the idea….. 

But this isn’t an ideal world, and this is where we come in.

Instead of a long and flowery sales pitch we came up with a couple of scenarios along the lines of “if this is you get in touch……” 


Scenario 1:

You work for an ambulance trust (doesn’t matter at what level) and love the job. We don’t want you to leave, far from it, if you sign up with us on a flexible contract and let us know when you want to work around your shifts, let’s say over the coming month every Thursday, whatever we are asked to provide Paramedic cover for during that time, if it includes work on a Thursday we’ll message you and offer you the work. If you want it then say yes, if not then we’ll ask someone else, simple and flexible and   totally under your control.


Example: Event Cover


Scenario 2: 

You work for an ambulance trust and love the job. 

Again, you don’t want you to leave but you are interested in the opportunity of joining a surgery/MIU/walk-in centre as their Paramedic cover on a P/T basis. We can match you up with surgeries looking for you.


Example: Community Paramedics


Scenario 3:

You are on your trusts ‘BANK’ staff but the hours just aren’t there, let us know what work you want and what hours you’re free and we’ll help you build them up 


Scenario 4:

We’re a recruitment company; if you work in primary care, whatever you currently do: nursing or ambulance, and you are interested in a      possible change then we can help.


Scenario 5:

You are a Nurse and work long hours for poor pay whilst experiencing low morale.  Agency work offers flexibility and control over your earning potential with highly paid hours to suit your own personal circumstances.  


Scenario 6:

As a Domiciliary Care Assistant you find you are constantly spending more (unpaid) time on the road travelling rather than (paid) time caring. Our agency offers complete payment from start of shift to finish.  Say goodbye to unpaid gaps in your working day.


Scenario 7: 

You are a dedicated Health Care Assistant (HCA) but tired of working most weekends/evenings/long shifts (in the same care home!).  We provide work in a variety of locations including hospitals/hospices/homes as well as hours to suit so no more weekends/evenings…. unless YOU choose to!! 


So, if any of the above scenarios ring a bell with you or you know somebody, either a friend or a loved one, who it might, then what are you waiting for?


And it really doesn’t cost you anything more than the time it takes to contact us.


We look forward to hearing from you.