Our clients and patients rely on the quality of our team. We offer the highest level of care backed by stringent compliance procedures and a comprehensive recruitment process that ensures our clients and patients have complete confidence in our services.

We understand the importance of compliance within the healthcare sector and are dedicated to safeguarding the safety of patients, clients and employees alike. Our compliance is stringent, exhaustive and we do not apologise for this. Clinical governance and patient safety are at the heart of our operations and the forefront of everything we do.

From the moment a member of the team applies to joins us, we carry out a number of compulsory and comprehensive screening checks to ensure they are appropriately qualified for specific roles. Our stringent processes ensure Paramedic Finders is a healthcare company you can trust.

Recruitment Process Checklist – Compliance

Documentary Evidence Required for Occupational Health Clearance

If you have any queries regarding our compliance procedures, please contact our team on 01872 885450